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What is your Celtic Zodiac Sign

Venuseed completed the quiz “What’s your Celtic Zodiac sign?” with the result Ivy – The Survivor.
September 30 – October 27 Among other cherished qualities of the Ivy Celtic tree astrology sign, most prized is your ability to overcome all odds. You have a sharp intellect, but more obvious is your compassion and loyalty… to others. You have a giving nature, and are always there to lend a helping hand. You are born at a time of the waning sun so life can be difficult for you at times. This sometimes seems unfair because it appears that obstacles are coming at with no prompting on your part. Nevertheless, you endure troubling times with silent perseverance and soulful grace. Indeed, Ivy signs have a tendency to be deeply spiritual and cling to a deep-rooted faith that typically sees them trough adversity. You are soft spoken, but have a keen wit about you. You are charming, charismatic, and can effectively hold your own in most social settings. Ivy signs are attracted to the Celtic tree astrology sign of Oak and Ash signs. Sign: Ivy (Gort) Symbol: The Butterfly Ruling Planet: Persephone Veiled by the Moon Celtic Gods: Arianrhod, Rhiannon.