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this weekend

Thursday Night: The Broadway in Sheffield we went to  the Muffin Men Gig – Mick, Stan and Alan and his friend John and myself.  A really excellent band, having not had that much experience of Frank Zappa and his music i was pleasently surprised at the level of musicality it was akicking night  and a great time was had by all.

I danced all night long on Friday at the Fishpond with the Lascoe State Orcastra Celtic Rock meets 2006 with lots of reels and stomping sounds.

later at a small watering hole in Matlock I met Steve and Jenny, lovely people and spent some quality time with Alan. I introducted all those there  to the fine art of nosing which they practiced with much enthusiasum and they all enjoyed it emensely what a great laught and good crowd.

what a lovely lovely man my Mickx