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Self-Healing to Reduce Overload Take 20 minutes to one hour for this meditation.

1. Relax in a reclining position with your knees supported comfortably from below.

2. Take a few deep breaths, and be more present in your body.

3. Ground yourself (ask to be grounded deep into the ground).

4. Pull in your aura to two to three feet from your body in every direction.

5. Call in the Emissaries of Light and Ascended Masters, as well as your divine guides.

6. Ask your Higher Self to be with you.

7. Ask for the gentle field of silvery aquamarine light that permeates your aura and body to be placed around your entire auric field.

8. Affirm your desire to awaken your soul and allow its light to shine through every cell in your body.

Caution: If you have experienced a lot of trauma in your life, only do this every two weeks at first, until you feel ready for more.