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6 of Swords Moving On

^ of swords

This is why I love working with the Tarot,  many many times I have not been able to put how I feel into words and to be able to look at a symbol and know that this is just what I meant and then the words come instantly.
 When I get a card continually I have to look at what it is saying and I have been getting the six of swords on a regular basis and wanted to know what it is that this is trying to tell me.
The basic meaning of the card is coming to an end of a difficult cycle but before I can complete the cycle I must know what it is I am moving away from! So I began to look for other interpretations and this is one I really love.
At one point in The Pilgrim’s Progress, the hero Christian (who is also on a Fool’s Journey) becomes mired in the Slough of Despond. He struggles for a time until drawn out by Help. Help tells him that “…many fears, and doubts, and discouraging apprehensions…settle in this place.”
The Slough of Despond is a good name for the Six of Swords. Sometimes this card represents a dull, listless state. Nothing is seriously wrong, but nothing is really right either. You’re getting by, but not thriving. I couldn’t put it better my self.
 Life is indeed uninteresting when we feel the blues. and I know this is a state that as been with me for some time.
In a more positive vein, the Six of Swords can indicate recovery. This is especially true when you have just experienced a tough time or psychological blow. During the crisis, you felt numb and disconnected; nothing mattered at all. Now you are beginning to heal and pick up the pieces of your life. The travelers in our boat are at least moving forward. They are headed toward a new place, even if they are not yet ready to eagerly embrace those shores.
In fact, the Six of Swords can indicate travel and moves of all kinds. This could mean an actual change of scene, relocation or trip, but not necessarily. A journey can also take place on the inner planes as we move from one frame of mind to another.
Although the Six of Swords does not promise great joy, it also avoids the depths of despair. A slough is not a bottomless pit, but simply a hollow or depression. When you see this card, know that even though the situation is not ideal, you are moving toward a more positive place. Change is in the air, and new, more hopeful conditions lie ahead.
Feeling the blues, makes me sing and it sometimes  its all I can do. Experiencing a low-level sadness and then
just keeping your head above water, working to get through the day, feeling somewhat depressed, avoiding the lows, but also the highs, feeling listless, functioning, but not much more, and then recovering from the effects of trauma and them dealing with the effects of trauma, getting over a tough time, picking up the pieces
starting to cope, beginning to get your health back,heading toward a more positive place, feeling hope again.

Traveling, changing location, moving from one place to another, taking a trip, experiencing a change of scene
being uprooted, going on a journey, entering into a new frame of mind. Begining told that I had Posttramatic Stress Disorder has changed my whole world and the Six Swords just keep letting me know I am moving on.