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Can do exchange

Thank You for Starting a Community on the Can Do Exchange

Please print this page as it contains helpful information to get you going with your new community.

Your community has been set up and you have been added as the moderator and first member.

We have set the community as your ‘home’ community which means the ‘home community’ link at the top of every page will take you straight in.

Community administration

From the home community page you will find the ‘admin community’ link on the left hand panel. This link is hidden from other members, and gives the you, as the moderator, access to the administration pages for your community.

To access the admin pages for your community simply click the ‘admin community’ link on the community home page. On the admin pages, you can:

  • Upload a logo for your community
  • Change all the basic community info, such as the name, location, welcome and news message
  • Add and remove other users of the Can Do Exchange
  • Contact the members of your communty through internal messaging
  • Set up new forums and change the names of existing forums
  • Start new topics for members of the community to vote on
  • receive requests from members of your community for new topics, forums and membership. If you chose an invitation community then other people in the Can Do Exchange can send you requests to join the community.

Using the Community

The main features of Can Do Exchange communities are:

  • Offering resources. We leave it up to the individual to decide which of their communities to publish their resource in, but it’s important to note that resources that are only published in this community will only be shown to members of this community.
  • Entering needs.
  • Uploading documents and images. Only the moderator can upload documents but we provide a link to your email address to make it easy for members to send you documents to be uploaded on their behalf.
  • Entering information about upcoming courses and events.
  • Contacting other members.

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