Learning the Art of Writing

Adapted from Improve Your Vision, by Martin Brofman (Findhorn Press, 2004).

Simple Solution
If you can imagine it, you can do it.
–Martin Brofman

The power of positive self-talk is huge. Every time we change a negative statement (“I can’t do that”) to a positive (“I choose not to do that right now”), we send a message of strength and self-care to our inner selves.

Positive thoughts are success-oriented. You can eliminate the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and learn how to change other all-too-common negative statements to positives, here:

I can’t stand that–becomes–I feel resistant to that

I can’t do it–becomes–I haven’t yet learned how, or I choose not to do that right now

I can’t see that–becomes–I don’t yet see that clearly.

I can’t handle that–becomes–That’s been difficult for me until now.

I can’t remember–becomes–I don’t recall right now, but it will come in a moment.

It isn’t working–becomes–I haven’t yet seen results

I don’t know how–becomes–I haven’t yet learned how

It’s terrible–becomes–It has got to get better

It’s a failure–becomes–I learned something from this


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