Learning the Art of Writing

Developing life skills


Facilitators Notes


10 minutes


1. Tape

2. One piece of paper per

participant with a different

occupation on each.

Who Am I?

1. Each participant is given a piece of paper with an occupation

on it, e.g., teacher, fire fighter, nurse.

2. Ask them not to show anyone else.

3. Direct the participants to form a circle and have everyone

tape the occupation they were given on the back of the

person to their right.

4. The object is for each player to find out who they are, named

by the card on their back, by circulating around the play

space asking other participant’s questions that can only be

answered with a “yes” or “no”, e.g., “Am I female?”, Do I

travel because of my occupation?”, “Am I a teacher?”

5. Each participant is only allowed to approach the same person


6. Once the person has successfully determined their

occupation they stand on the outside and begin to form a

circle with the other people who have discovered their

identity. This continues until everyone is a part of the circle.














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