Learning the Art of Writing

Tarot work shop

12 Week Course 12 x 3hour sessions

Working with the Tarot Symbols and Meditation




1.     INTRODUCTIONS:  to each other and the contents of course

The first two weeks I am introducing skills that will

Prove invaluable in your own development as a reader

And to your level of skills for yourself.


2.     Ices breaker ( 15mins)

3.     Group skills listening and hearing (40mins)

4.     Who reminds you of whom- Psychic Ability( 20mins) 1-2-1

5.     Why the Tarot- your experience?(30mins)

6.     Tarot Cards- a little history (30mins)

7.     Fortune-telling or Self Development(30mins)


8.     78 Cards Major/Minor Arcana (book)(45mins)

9.     Star signs (handout) Rising sign***(35mins)

10.            The Elements and Psychology(20mins)

11.            Symbols (20mins)

12.            Numbers (20mins)

13.            Meditations (30mins)

14.            Readings for self and others (30mins)

15.            Next sessions (10mins) mins.

16.            ***(To be filled in the following week)






What’s in a name.

Where did your name come from and do you like it.

Feedback to the group.

Ice breaker:

Who reminds you of who

Feedback to the group

Listening and Hearing:

Do you feel listened to?

Do you hear what people say to you?

Are you aware of how you listen or not?

Talking and Listening to the Deck

The following exercise is designed to provide you

with an opportunity to put your question or problems

to a particular archetypal force within your own unconscious.

Reading the Cards

Have you had the experience of reading cards before?

Or has someone read them for you?

Where is your interest?

What do wish to get out of this?

 Feedback to the group

Please make notes and have some one repeat the larger group your overall goals.






History of the Tarot:

Carl Gustav Jung  (1875-1961)

Jung saw the human psyche as a rich tapestry of forces and interactions.

The Order of the Golden Dawn: Who saw the Tarot not as a lowly series

of game cards but as a series of images representing the total knowledge

of the entire world.




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