Learning the Art of Writing







This card signifies:

The Persona, self-expression, and self-image

Idealistic, aspir.ing, and positive combination, these Fire of Air individuals are optimistic and creative, their aspirations

and expectations are frequently unrealistically high.

Verbal ability and vigilant in speech. 

Needs action and has a keen sense of humour.

The Prince of the Chariot of the Winds, this is the sign of speed and swiftness, this prince or energy show that at times an intensely

 Analytical frame of mind should be adopted.

 Logic and reason could be allowed to scrutinize every aspect of the person’s self-development. 

Apply it is the correct manner and it will heighten the intellectual capabilities. 

Exploration into other realms.

This describes my journey in the early part of my self- development, just getting me to think was a major obstacle and then to think the right thoughts.

 My knowing that I seemed to beating myself up with the things that I told myself defeat thoughts all the time

The crystallization of ideas is essential. If thoughts are not acted on or actualized in some way then they become mere flights of fancy, escapist dreams without hope or intention of fulfillment. 

The impressions from the unconscious must be applied and that despite the passive action of water, it is vital to use insight gained in this way to ‘open the lotus of understanding’ rather than let a flood of impressions obscure one’s purpose. 

Find new people so that  development  and growth is important and not to judge  and limit through past experiences and fears. 

So now, I have learned how to think and what to think I had better start putting it into practice.



This Card crosses me and the resources available to me.

The danger in self-development of staying forever centered is that of developing the ‘me and God’ complex where the individual is so concerned about preserving an internal stability that outside factors and inner emotions are ignored. This is where I am now I need to move on and start to learn to deal with the outside world and find a balance between inner and outside emotions. I am mean with myself, and have stopped myself from earning my own living.

:Venus the creative process in the individual. She synthesizes new things through the union of opposite and sometimes even contradictory forces. She is the subconscious in motion. So the knowledge that I have infinite resources.



This card is my unconscious habits. How do I communicate and what is in my immediate environment.

I give myself lots excises for my lazy attitudes, but the truth has been I have allowed my fears and insecurities to get the better of me. I have has the habit of needing to be needed and found it difficult to look after myself. This is because I have been overwhelmed with the defeat thoughts and sometimes it’s easier to sit down. Still I have thought about how I speak to others and changed in order to make the best use of my personality.

: The Magus of the Voice of Power this card recall the importance of looking within the self, of self examination and contemplation rather than seeking answers outside the self. The light from my lamp shines to illuminate the lives of others. This reminds individuals that the greatest good they can do for any other person is to be fully integrated being. I flippantly write these words without expressing what a long way in my spiritual journey I have come. It has been this light that has held me to the road of healing, meditation and learning to write all these energies are now innate.



 This card is about domestic situation, home, and family.

The importance of determined effort to be able to marshal diverse resources in order to perform the work of individuation. This I have been very possessive about and not been balanced about it. I know some of the theory but not really put into practice.

This card counsels the individual to take opportunities, as they are presented, and to keep a determined purpose. The family now recognizes the changes that have been made and how peaceful the house are these days. I know I have a yearning to move forward, find new pathways, and find the truth.



This card signifies the personal creativity, ones children, new projects, and romantic life.

I have able to establish some security and permanence but has with everything these states are in constant flux and change, but I know from my deepest well of being I need a supportive environment.

Deciding on an intellectual course, of following the investigative process and of applying the intellect to levels other than the pure abstract. A warning against ‘armchair intellectualism’ which may evolve brilliant ideas but nothing of applicable worth. I have a need to protect myself against negative relationships and to stay home. I cant make a decision to move on my heart keeps me close to Rob and I am doing nothing about it.



This card signifies employment, health, pets, and personal service to individuals and other organizations.

I have taken to many roads in a halfhearted way rather than making a determined choice, and I have tried to develop to many skills and tried for jobs that have been unsuitable for me. I have only given if I could get back and in my own terms which is not the universal way. I feel emotionally confused and do not keep to the plan. Its never to late to start again In which way do I express the truths within myself? There is a definite warning against being one way and acting another. The injections to get one’s hands dirty, to work for one’s own individuation and to express it at a concrete level is included here. This has been one of my main fears about being “Taken.”



This card signifies the relationship between me and the rest of the world

Take the opportunity to stand apart from my emotions and those of others, and by taking a dispassionate stance, a situation may be seen more clearly and a definite and correct choice of action can be taken. This is a skill I have found hard to develop. Recently I have been able to see what was really happening between myself and Rob and been able to see things clearly because I have tried not to react and look at all my emotions as they have appeared.

A period where factors which limit or appear harmful to one’s purpose may be reconciled and incorporated into one’s plans to help rather than hinder. I cannot control everything and having gained a sense of self-determination through self- development there may be a tendency to expect everything to submit to one’s own design- there is a futility to such an attitude. If it flies away it was not yours if it comes back it is.



The Sexual element of the personality, Occult, psychic abilities and the Transformation of the self

You inherent quite genuine artistic qualities never blossom, as they should. I am afraid of my own emotions and not trust my own instincts, sticking to the practical and logical pathways.

Shows the importance of integrating all the elements of the self. To ‘like you’ is a natural precursor to ‘know thyself’ this card shows that the individual must be aware that I have emerged anew from the cycle that the previous cards represented.  Moreover, there is a directive to continue this process that individuation is a continuum of experience, refining and reestablishing and this ‘deliverance’ comes with an acknowledgement of the joyful dance of creation and destruction implicit in all levels of existence.



 Kin-in-laws, moral issues, long journeys and higher education, the morality of the environment.

Do not adopt a fanatical or highly abstract mentality and ignoring the relative nature of “truth” Being open to change and the revision of ideas, and even to question what appear to be self-evident or absolute truths. Actual experience is worth a thousand idle theorization’s.

The wheel affirms that movement from one state to any other state is possible- a cup that is empty can only be filled. The wheel suggests a playful attitude to the quest of understanding the self and life in general. When the individual returns to what appears to be the same point in life it becomes apparent that the return is actually at a different level, or in a different role.



The public image, dominant characters in the formation of the individuals nature. The boarder implications of ones employment and ones social standing

An excellent opportunities for extending one’s knowledge. Communication can be established with others, new experience gained and a richer understanding may result. A time to listen rather than to act or speak. I could feel empty or like a ship without an anchor. Wait, watch, and learn rather than to attempt to force oneself back into ‘normality’. The “defeat’ mentioned in the title of this card occurs when released from the rigidity of conventionality is seen not as a chance for new input but as a fearful state to be repaired as soon as possible.

Death counsels the individual to accept that the old must be banished before the new can develop. It reaffirms that all loss, as it may appear, is only a stage in the cyclic progression of the Universe. Moreover, regeneration and transformation of the old mean nothing is truly lost: instead it is reabsorbed and reborn in anew and richer form.



Friends and associates. Major life changes and crises. The process of boarding one’s ideals and social aspirations. Ethics and Inspiration.

The four shows that subscribing to a belief system can only be productive if one acknowledges the possibility of changing one’s views, either within the system or adopting a new one. This shows the danger of becoming caught in the superficial aspects of the unconscious, of concentrating too much of the appearance of the message and missing its contents. The reflective quality of this card shows the importance of attending to the tides within the unconscious mind and using these as springboards to other activity.




Hidden factors and  the Individuals ability to overcome entrenched patterns of behaviour.  The ability to flow with the natural currents of the universe.

As a symbol of communication, this image shows the beginnings of union between the intellectual and inspirational qualities of the human psyche. Developing an ‘inner language’ with which the logical and intuitive faculties of the mind can communicate information through all parts of the self.

The importance of developing a swift communication system to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

The use of the Tarot as a means of relating to the working of the both conscious and unconscious worlds.

The magician makes us aware of ourselves and therefore of the abilities which lie within us all to heal and to harm. This card represents spontaneity and an injunction to make a decisive action. Standing with one foot in each world i.e. the conscious and unconscious this card symbolizes the importance of linking together. And of communication between apparently opposed facets in human nature. A bold step








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